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Minakari Art Minakari or Enamelling is an art that has a history of about five thousand years

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Minakari Art

Minakari or Enamelling is an art that has a history of about five thousand years and is considered a handicraft. Today, this art is mostly done on copper, but it can also be done on gold, silver, and pottery. In the first article we talked about Persian (Iranian) MinaKari, but in this article we want to explain more about this art.

? What is the meaning of Minakari

“Mina” is defined as the blue sky in Farsi. It is also associated with the word Minoo, which means the heaven. The handicraft itself embodies the azure of the sky in its multiple layers that seem to be moving towards eternity.

This is perhaps one of the reasons for calling the artwork mina, or a representation of the sky. The closest equivalent to this form of art is enameling, also called vitreous enamel or porcelain enamel. Enameling is applied to several substances such as metal, stone, glass, ceramic and pottery.

The Persian artists of Minakari perform their art on gold, silver, copper, and earthenware. The most incredible pieces of minakari are golden, but copper minakari is the most common minakari items are copper and earthenware. Made at around 800°C, Minakari artists and handcrafters have to repeat the process continually to stable the color of the mina.

Minakari pieces are made with the best quality to tolerate such high temperatures. Handicraft items with Minakari (Mina in Persian) are diverse in color, which suggests endless beauty to bright places. A mina contains different colored glasses and can reflect light beautifully. You will find remarkable minakari pieces in Grand Handicraft with guaranteed quality.

Gold is the only metal that does not oxidize when enamel (Mina) melts, so it makes it possible to execute a design with as much detail and resemblance as possible on Minakari, while copper and silver enamels do not have this quality.

Today in Iran, the center of Minakari production is the city of Isfahan and prominent masters are engaged in the production of Minakari works. The prevalence of Minakari industry in Isfahan dates back to the Pahlavi era and around 1310 AD and has been developed during the last thirty years by the master artist Mr. Shokrallah Sanizadeh.

Today in Iran Isfahan is the center of production of Minakari  dishes and Ahvaz is the center of Minakari jewellery and prominent masters are engaged in the production of Minakari works.

Minakari Design

Minakari design with using different colors. The paints used for Minakari design are often refractory and made of metal oxide powder. In Iran, Minakari plates mostly designed with traditional designs such as paintings, flowers and birds, and so on.

Minakari for Sale

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introduction of MinaKari (Enameled) of Isfahan 

MinaKari of Isfahan is one of the traditional arts of this city which is inherited from previous generations. People who work in this industry are professional to combine their creativity with a great art. MinaKari (enameled) of Isfahan is a great Iranian art to make nice handicrafts. Different products made of gold, silver, brass, and copper are painted and designed by Mina colors. Then they are put in the furnace to be heated.

This art goes back to 1500 B.C. and at the moment various products such as plates, vases, frames, doors, windows, ornamental devices and jewelries are considered to be painted by Mina colors. Isfahan minakari is best Persian Handicrafts. Different materials are used to make red, yellow, and green colors.

Minakari or Enameling of Isfahan is one of the traditional arts of Iran which has a lot of fans in this country and other countries. A lot of people use products made by this art to decorate their houses or for their personal usage. It is important to pay attention to the quality of these products and protect them to have them for a long time. 

?What makes Minakari products so special

A lot of precision and taste goes into making a piece of mina object. A piece of mina has to be shaped according to the design that will later on be imprinted on it with the hands of an artist.

Moreover, it has to be made durable as the heat itself can ruin the object or make the designs fall apart from the product. This is why Minakari objects are considered as types of art that are used as decorations or taken out of Iran as souvenirs.

Minakari is the product of eyes that see the depth of the skies, admire the beauty of the world around and capture the harmony of the heavens and the earth in one piece. Come to Isfahan, hold a piece of the art in your hands.  

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